Who we are?

IMPRINT2 Power is a high-tech innovation company located in China, that deals in the R&D, design, production, sales and maintenance of energy storage systems, power lithium batteries and solar systems. Forever committed to proving our customers with the safest, lightweight and durable green energy products. Clients are the first is our toppiest rule and we are continually dedicated to ensuring that we deliver products according to our customers’ growing demands, including customized support for high rates, high capacity, low temperature and soft-pack battery packs.




Rich project experience
Through the development experience of more than 200 EV lithium-ion battery projects, the company team has accumulated rich project demand information, design database and various test data, and cultivated professional and efficient team.

Quick response ability
Rich experience in emergency backup power supply, lithium battery, energy storage battery, solar battery project Accumulated a strong design database and a complete supply chain system, enabling the team to quickly respond to customer needs and changes

Complete test equipment
The company’s test equipment covers high and low voltage capabilities of various test energy storage lithium batteries, solar energy storage batteries, lithium batteries, EV lithium ion batteries, and has a large number of test channels

Understand deeper
With 10 years of experience in the manufacture of lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, solar cells, and energy storage battery cells, the team has a deeper understanding of lithium batteries than other competitors, and the supply chain selection is more reliable.


+Exporting countries


+Years of production experience


+Annual production capacity