Advantages of the IMPRINT2 Portable Power Station

The IMPRINT2 Portable Power Station makes your life easier, simpler and safer by giving you the ultimate power anywhere you find yourself.

Many gadgets, one power source
Our portable power stations are extremely powerful and can power any number of devices you connect. When fully charged, our power stations provide a powerful power output capacity to charge your phone, power your router, power your speakers, and charge any rechargeable device. With this little power gem, you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery while on the go.

Get efficient conversion and save more energy
You don’t have to use up all the energy stored in a portable power station just by charging one or two devices. Our power stations are designed to save energy and help you achieve a more efficient energy transition. It also means your device is safe from those annoying power surges. Enjoy the stable and efficient power provided by the IMPRINT2 portable power station.

Charge and recharge your device again
Our powerful portable solar power station is equipped with a powerful LiPO4 battery that can charge and charge your device many times before it finally runs out. So when you’re at work, with your family, or on a random trip, you can rest assured that your device will never run out of battery. All thanks to our portable power station.

Power your power bank with AC or solar power
There’s no need to put yourself out there on a rainy day. You can charge your portable power station using AC or solar power. So when the sun is low, you can use regular electricity to charge. Every day of your life and wherever you go, you don’t have to worry about carrying the IMPRINT2 portable power station with you.

IMPRINT2 supplies many portable power stations to businesses around the world and is a reliable power technology company committed to quality assurance and environmental safety, ensuring that we provide internationally recognized power stations. Our products guarantee overall customer satisfaction and ensure that you never have to worry about unstable power again.
Over the years, we have consistently addressed the world’s prominent power problems without compromising quality, safety or overall production standards.

Application scenarios

.Daily work/leisure:Daily work and leisure, such as outdoor office, game open black, household outside photography, etc.Outdoor days: 1-2 days Product: P26, P35 150W-250W

.Outdoor travel: short trips, surrounding tours,outdoor self-service during group building and parent-child travel ,driving cooking artifact outdoor days: 5-7 days Product: P66, K55, K53 300W-500W

.Outdoor work: Electrical overhaul, surveying and mapping exploration, government emergency, rescue, for drones, inspection repair equipment, surveying and mapping instruments, application emergency lighting, etc.; product: P63, F132 500W-1500W