IMPRINT2 Power is a high-tech innovation company based in China, that deals in the R&D, design, production, sales and maintenance of energy storage systems, power lithium batteries and solar systems.  Forever committed to proving our customers with the safest, lightweight and durable green energy products.  Clients are the first is our toppiest rule and we are continually dedicated to ensuring that we deliver products according to our customers’ growing demands, including customized support for high rates, high capacity, low temperature and soft-pack battery packs.

Our main business covers the fields of home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, mobile energy storage and low-speed vehicle power. The company is divided into three business divisions, namely Energy Storage Business Division, Vehicle Power Business Division and High-power Business Division. The main founding teams all have many years of work experience in the new energy industry of TOP5. After more than 10 years and more than 300 project development experience and data accumulation, the team members have extracted and forged highly practical standard products from numerous irregular demands of the industry, accelerating the development speed of the industry towards orderly competition.

The company has formed an annual capacity of 100,000 PACK products and systems now. Relying on the rapid outbreak of new energy industry, accurate prediction of the team and excellent professional ability, the company has quickly become a leading enterprise of high-power lithium battery system . The company’s products have been widely praised by customers.

We are professional solution and product provider of lithium battery pack system, battery management system, charging system and thermal man-agement system. As a national high-tech manufacture, it has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 system certi-fication,and its products have passed UN38.3, MSDS, CE, ROHS, 3C and others. The company is com-mitted to providing customers with safe, lightweight and long-lasting green energy products. Focusing on customers, the company customizes supporting high-rate, high-capacity, low-temperature, cylindrical,square and soft pack battery packs according to customers’ needs. The main products are rubber shell lithium batteries, lithium batteries for electric two wheel, three wheel and four-wheel low-speed vehicles, lithium batteries for special applications such as RV, AGV and forklift, Base station and household energy storage battery, industrial energy storage and small energy storage lithium battery, etc. With the principle of “people-oriented, advanced technology, quality assurance and professional service”, relying on the spirit of independent innovation, perfect design and manufacturing ability, the company fully unites the excellent industry leaders in the upstream and downstream, constantly breaks through itself, and has a complete lithium battery energy storage solution for new energy customers.



.Rich project experience

Through the development experience of more than 200 EV lithium-ion battery projects, the company team has accumulated rich project demand information, design database and various test data, and cultivated professional and efficient team

.Quick response ability

Rich experience in emergency backup power supply, lithium battery, energy storage battery, solar battery project Accumulated a strong design database and a complete supply chain system, enabling the team to quickly respond to customer needs and changes

.Complete test equipment

The company’s test equipment covers high and low voltage capabilities of various test energy storage lithium batteries, solar energy storage batteries, lithium batteries, EV lithium ion batteries, and has a large number of test channels

.Understand deeper

With 10 years of experience in the manufacture of lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, solar cells, and energy storage battery cells, the team has a deeper understanding of lithium batteries than other competitors, and the supply chain selection is more reliable




Our mission is to replace lead-acid lithium-ion batteries, electric two-, three- and four-wheel vehicle batteries with powerful and reliable green energy lithium-ion batteries


Our goal is to become the leading professional power solutions provider in Asia and even the world. Our employees are specially trained to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism before, during and after production

.Good Customer Care

As our mantra, we firmly believe that the success of our business depends entirely on how well we treat our customers and how satisfied they are with us

.Environmental Safety

As a company, our main reason for existence is to produce and supply quality green energy to our customers in an effort to protect the environment and ensure overall quality of life

.Safe and reliable

Through the safety testing of the quality center and authoritative laboratories, various products have passed the standard certification (ISO9001, UN38.3, CE, UL, BIS, etc.)

.Intelligent Management

With intelligent management system, it has functions such as overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, high current protection, energy balance, battery status detection, remaining power estimation, remaining charging time estimation, GPS/GPRS, APP control, remote control, intelligent anti-theft and other functions

Our Lithium Battery Custom Range

Industrial Battery – Lithium Ion Battery;LiFePO4 Battery;18650 Lithium Battery;Lithium Polymer Battery;Energy Storage Battery;Lithium Power Battery;Low Temperature Battery;Wide Temperature Battery;Explosion-proof Battery;Lithium Titanate Battery;Lithium Battery Cell

Special Battery – Low Temperature Li-ion Battery;Wide Temperature Li-ion Battery;Explosion-proof Battery;High Safety Battery;Start Battery;Energy Storage Battery

Special Cell – Low Temperature 18650;Low Temperature 26650;Low Temperature Square;Low Temperature Polymer;Wide Temperature Cell;Explosion-proof Battery Cell;Cell Model Table

Application – Vehicle;Special;Robotic;Medical;Military;Instrument;Survey;Handheld;Backup;Other

Our Lithium Battery Custom Specification



Cell Model:
14500;18500;18650;21700;26650;32650;Prismatic;Pouch Cell;Other





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