Which lithium battery is good for fishing boat batteries?

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1. General ordinary lithium-ion battery

Ordinary lithium-ion batteries are not as good as lithium iron phosphate batteries in high temperature resistance, polymer lithium batteries in low temperature resistance, and nickel-metal hydride batteries in terms of safety performance, so their equipment prices are relatively low, of course, they are generally used as lighting energy storage power sources , just meet the emergency lighting. The placement location is generally a place where room temperature can be maintained. At present, most of the round steel shell lithium batteries are ordinary lithium ion batteries, and there are also some customized lithium iron phosphate batteries. Cylindrical steel-shell lithium batteries are not only very limited in shape and capacity, but also very heavy in volume and weight, so they are not ideal for marine batteries.

2. Lithium polymer battery

Polymer lithium batteries are basically in the form of soft-pack lithium batteries, using a laminated production process, so they have a higher degree of freedom in volume, capacity and shape design. However, due to its relatively high production cost, high energy density, and difficulty in ensuring safety performance, it is difficult to popularize and use it in the field of fishing boat batteries.

3. Lithium iron phosphate battery

The performance of lithium iron phosphate battery is better than that of general energy storage lithium ion battery. It has high temperature resistance and high current discharge capacity at a certain rate. The low temperature performance of ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively poor, but the improved lithium iron battery has low temperature performance. It is slightly better than NiMH battery and slightly worse than polymer lithium battery, but the high temperature performance will be reduced. In terms of installation cost, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more expensive than nickel-metal hydride batteries and lower than polymer lithium batteries. Therefore, most of the types of ship batteries currently used are lithium iron phosphate batteries, because under the same normal temperature application, using Lithium-iron batteries are more cost-effective.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have different production technology levels and materials used by manufacturers, and there will be differences in performance effects and cycle life. Lithium iron phosphate batteries such as Imprint2 Power  battery manufacturers have been producing lithium iron phosphate batteries for many years. The lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by the proprietary patented battery formula include three types of low temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries, high rate lithium iron phosphate batteries and conventional lithium iron phosphate batteries. Design and customize a complete set of backup power system according to the actual application requirements of ship batteries.

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