Mobile phone battery breakthrough graphene battery can be fully charged in 12 minutes

New breakthrough in mobile phone battery, graphene battery can be fully charged in 12 minutes, after reading the long experience

The current mobile phone development trend is more and more powerful mobile phone performance, camera performance, and more powerful mobile phone screens, but all of this means greater power consumption. This is why mobile phone manufacturers are tirelessly developing the latest battery technology. After all, mobile phone battery life has become the main reference object for more and more people to choose mobile phones. After all, no one wants to carry a heavy charging treasure all day long.

In order to solve the problem of battery life of mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers can be said to have racked their brains to increase battery capacity, optimize application power consumption, and endless charging methods, such as super fast charging, wireless charging and so on. However, Xiao Bian believes that the breakthrough of mobile phone battery life is still in the material supplier of mobile phone batteries. Only battery materials with higher energy density can meet the increasing performance requirements of mobile phones. It can be said that the emergence of a new material is enough to become a new revolution in the mobile phone market.

As we all know, the current mobile phone batteries are all using lithium battery technology, and lithium batteries can barely meet the needs of mobile phones in terms of lightness and battery energy density. However, it is worth noting that lithium batteries have been applied as early as the 1990s, although lithium batteries have also undergone many technological updates and the addition of new components in the past three decades. But its essence is still a lithium battery after all. It can be said that compared with the continuous updating of other mobile phone accessories, the technology of mobile phone batteries is a bit backward.

The research on new materials has not stopped for a moment. Just like the graphene material battery proposed by Samsung, the new materials developed by them will be officially commercialized by the end of next year. So what are the advantages of this new material?

The first is the energy density of the material, that is, the electrical energy stored in the same volume. The graphene material can have 45% more electrical energy than the current lithium battery, so when it is actually put into use, it will be at least three more than the lithium battery. One part.

Aside from its greater energy density, the new material’s superconductivity is its most powerful property. A graphene battery with the same capacity can complete the charging task in ten minutes, which means that this new material can really be charged for a few minutes and last for a few hours. Moreover, there is no obvious gap between this material and lithium batteries in size and volume, which allows the new material to adapt to the current thin and light mobile phone body design.

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